Sonia Broz
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Monday -- September 29, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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The Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces,
then moves in harmony with the Libra Sun.
People may wake up tired, but feeling good.
At half past noon the Moon conjuncts Mars.
It’s bold and daring, too ready to take risks,
so have a care.
Just before 3 Venus enters Libra,
where she’s strong.
And tonight
the Moon forms a Grand Trine

with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo.
Monday looks rather special.


Aries … Venus is in your opposite sign, Libra.
This has a positive effect on all your relationships.
It makes people more agreeable and cooperative
and makes you more appreciative and understanding.

Taurus … Venus in Libra is good for your health.
It brings you into physical balance and harmony.
It also has a nice impact on your work, no matter what it is.
It’ll be more artistic and beautiful.

Gemini … Venus in Libra makes you more
affectionate, demonstrative and lovable.
Your head and heart are working together beautifully.
There are far more smiles than frowns. So be happy!

Cancer … Venus brings peace and quiet at home.
She'll inspire your artistic skills as well.
You’ll beautify and brighten those places
where you spend a lot of your time.

Leo … Venus enhances the qualities of your mind.
She'll inspire amazing turns of phrase and thought.
You’ll quite naturally express yourself
with elegance and sophistication.
Without overdoing it.

Virgo … Venus is in one of your financial houses
and that’s good.
But she also makes you susceptible to spending
on beauty AND beautiful things.
So why don’t you surprise yourself
with a late birthday present.

Libra … Venus is at home in your stars.
She has everything to do with what you wear.
Fashion and style come easily to you.
But it is a seasonal shift and a new seasonal style.
You’re the one to set it.

Scorpio … It’s supposed to be the quiet time of your year,
but people are clamoring for your attention.
Still, you’ll find your times;
like early morning or late at night.
Privacy gives you time to think.

Sagittarius … The social season of your year swings into action
now that Venus has come to stir things up.
She'll move you quickly from the planning stage
into active involvement.
It’s party time.

Capricorn … Venus now moves in the career and work sector
of your solar scope.
She brings opportu-nities to consider.
So what do you want? Money, prestige, status?
You’ll think of something.

Aquarius … Venus in Libra broadens your horizons
and widen your scope.
It’s time to discover things you don’t know,
to make new connections
and to learn new skills and techniques.

Pisces … Venus is in one of your money signs, Libra.
She keep things in balance, just like you do.
But cooperation and teamwork are part of it.
You’re an effective and important element,
a quiet leader.