Sonia Broz
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Tuesday -- September 2, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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The day begins with the square of the Sagittarius Moon
and the Virgo Sun at 5 in the morning.
This marks the Moon’s first quarter.
Quarter Moon are usually jumpy and nervous,
but not this one.
Within the hour the Moon trines Jupiter in Leo.
This afternoon the Moon completes a Grand Trine
with a trine to Uranus in Aries.
It looks like an exciting, occasionally tumultuous,
but good day, all day.

Aries …  There’s a lot going on in the world,
most of it troubling.
But don’t let it get to you today.
There’s a Grand Trine in the fire signs.
Be confident, creative and optimistic.
All smiles, no frowns.

Taurus … Among the adaptations and changes
you’re going through, one of them relates to
your physical health and well-being.
You need some time in the sun and a little fun.
Yes, it makes you healthy.

Gemini … You’ve got places to go,
people to deal with and work to do.
But this is a pretty upbeat day
at home and abroad.
You can accomplish a lot
and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.

Cancer … Quarter Moons make you edgy. Get over it.
This is too good a day for impatience and temper.
There’s success written all over it.
But it’ll keep you busy.
And that is a good thing.

Leo … Jupiter's in your stars and anchors today’s Grand Trine.
So your frame of mind has got to be
confident and optimistic.
Jupiter should bring a bit off good luck your way.
You’re due for some.

Virgo … Today’s Grand Trine affects you in positive ways
at home and with family matters.
It’ll override earlier concerns and doubts in that regard.
Even some of your birthday wishes are coming through.

Libra … Mercury is in your stars for the next few weeks.
This sharpens your wits and gives power to your words.
People will take you seriously now.
Your insights are too important to brush aside.

Scorpio … Like Libra, you have important things to say,
as in speaking truth to power.
You’re smart enough to make them
cringe with your arguments.
They’ll have to agree with you, like it or not.

Sagittarius … You like to ‘tell it like it is,’
to quote Howard Cosell.
But rather than shake people up,
speak your truth rationally and sweetly.
It’ll be easier for them to swallow and digest.

Capricorn … With Mercury now in Libra,
your career and work aspirations are looking good.
Someone of importance likes the way you think
... and what you think.
This is what makes the difference.

Aquarius … Duties and responsibilities pressure you,
so stick to business and work.
You’ll get something you’ve wanted.
There’s no need to force the issue.
A little cooperation is all that’s required.

Pisces … You have competitors and rivals to deal with.
But you don’t need to play politics.
The quality of your work will speak for itself.
Just give credit where it’s due
and you hold the winning hand.