Sonia Broz
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Friday -- April 25, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

Spring Break Edition

    The Pisces Moon is in close harmony with Uranus in Aries as the day begins.
This is followed by the Moon’s optimistic trine with Jupiter in Cancer.
Even so, the morning is complicated by friction filled semisquares
from the Moon to Mercury and the Sun in Taurus.
Perhaps there are concerns about cash flow,
which doesn’t seem to be flowing.

    Just before 1 this afternoon the Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio,
which focuses the mind and addresses the problems to be faced
and the work to be done.
It organizes the mind and sets about taking care of business.
This looks so successful that everything of importance
should all be done by mid-afternoon,
when the Moon conjuncts Venus in Pisces.

    The Moon/Venus combination is savvy, simpatico and sociable.
The emotions are calm and the mind is intuitively and keenly aware
of what people are feeling and thinking.
Nobody can hide from this  sensitive pair.

After 2 the Moon is void of course until 4 tomorrow morning,
when it arrives in Aries.

Tonight, at 9:30, Mercury conjuncts the Taurus Sun,
strengthening the mental faculties.
In Taurus this combination is practical.
It’s money smart and worldly wise.
But it’s also self-absorbed, self satisfied and stubborn.
And once a mind is made up,
it gradually becomes impervious to logic and reason
and has no interest in broadening its viewpoint.
When that sort of thing happens,
minds become less aware of what’s going on
and gradually fall asleep.

But taken all in all, except for the afternoon lull,
Friday is just fine.