Sonia Broz
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Thursday -- September 18, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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Wednesday was odd ... and so is Thursday.
The Cancer Moon squares Mercury in Libra to start the day.
It has a critical tongue and is negatively gossipy,
which gives rise to misunderstandings.
But the Moon is in harmony with the Virgo Sun
during the noon hour and calms everybody down.
Then the Moon is void of course until 9 tonight,
when it enters Leo.
It's a hard day that comes to a nice ending.


Aries … You’re growly and grumbly as the day begins.
You warm up and feel good around noon.
Then you have to get back to work
and it’s growly and grumbly again.
You’ll snap out of that tonight.

Taurus … If you don’t feel right about something,
you’ll let people know.
They may not like it, but they know you’re right.
But right or wrong, try to be diplomatic.
Some people are very sensitive.

Gemini … Financial matters intrude on your plans.
The rule of thumb is : necessities come first.
That means delaying a gratification.
You’re not enthusiastic about that,
but reality must be addressed.

Cancer … The Moon’s in your stars and very emotional.
Arguments and criticism go nowhere.
Face the challenges and deal with them.
You’re good at making quick adjustments.
So make them.

Leo … It’s another moody day. Mostly it’s frustration.
That means you don’t like being patient.
But you’ll have to be until this evening,
when the Moon gets to your stars.
You’ll brighten up then.

Virgo … Friends and money matters don’t mix,
so keep them separate.
You can be charming and helpful in other ways,
such as moral support
or taking someone out to lunch.
It’ll be much appreciated.

Libra … You’re level-headed and thoughtful,
but you have to deal with emotional people today.
Facts and logic don’t help
unless they’re applied empathetically,
sympathetically and with understanding.

Scorpio … You’re a hard-eyed realist
in a world of unrealistic people.
So there’s a teaching aspect to your day.
You have to deliver the facts of life
in ways and words that get through to people.

Sagittarius … There are missed connections
and misunderstandings in the morning.
These can be straightened out during the noon hour.
Even so, Thursday's tough
until sweet evening comes.

Capricorn … This is not a day in which to jump to conclusions.
Sometimes even the best sources aren’t fully informed.
Bide your time, collect the facts
and wait until tomorrow to make up your mind.

Aquarius … Communications are muddled,
perhaps even very biased in the morning.
Try again at noon,
when people will be less emotional and more objective
and their communications are clear.

Pisces … Differences of ideas and opinions clutter the morning.
The situation improves this afternoon,
when people realize there has to be compromise
and give and take.
But nothing is likely to be done until tomorrow.