Sonia Broz
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Friday -- October 31, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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Friday Edition

It’s Friday, the final day of October
and spooky Halloween.

At 7 this morning the Aquarius Moon
moves in synch with Uranus in Aries.
This brings the feeling there’s something different,
even special about this day.
There are shivers of excitement in the air
as the day begins … to prove it.

The excitement holds up until mid-afternoon,
when Mercury in Libra gets tangled up
in an irritating minor aspect with Neptune in Pisces.
If you want straight answers to questions, forget it.
Confusion, deception and evasion are what you’ll likely get.
There might even be a display of temper around 4,
when the Moon semisquares Mars in Capricorn.

But the evening gets off to great start,
as the Moon trines Mercury in Libra.
Everything will be balanced and under control.
But remember …
it’s Halloween and there are tricksters about.

Right around 6:30 two things happen.
The Aquarius Moon parallels Neptune in Pisces,
which can cloud one’s judgment and one’s mind,
and then the Moon opposes Jupiter in Leo,
which has the reputation of getting ‘carried away,’
overdoing it and going too far.
That is definitely not recommended tonight.
Because if you do, it’ll come back and haunt you.

One should not take Mother Nature
or Halloween lightly.