Sonia Broz
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Saturday -- April 19, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

Saturday Edition

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Saturday gets off to a snappy start.

The Sagittarius Moon trines Mercury in Aries
at a quarter ‘til 6 … at morning’s first light.
Minds will be bright and alert
and people will be talkative.
The talk will be smart too.

People will say what they feel and know
and they will mean what they say;
no deceptions, evasions or subtleties.

Unfortunately, that only lasts until mid-morning,
when Venus forms an agitated and awkward
minor aspect with retrograde Mars in Libra.
That’s when disagreements and dissatisfactions arise.
After that the day becomes a splatter pattern
that goes off in all directions,
as everybody goes off to do their own thing.

But while desires run high,
there’s little satisfaction to be found
until just before sunset,
when the Moon trines the Aries Sun
and brings a sense of contentment,
and in some cases encouragement and inspiration.

There’s a big change beginning at 7:30 this evening.
The Moon shifts into Capricorn
and just before 10 the Sun enters Taurus.

We've come to middle spring.
Now the buds will blossom and bloom,
the grass will be greener and taller,
the sap will rise in the trees,
and the days will be ever longer and sweeter.