Sonia Broz
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Thursday -- July 31, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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Quick Vacation Edition

The Virgo Moon moves in harmony
with Mercury in Cancer at 8:45 Thursday morning.
This is a practical, commonsense way to begin the day.
So the day begins well.
At 10 minutes past ten this morning
the Moon moves on to level-headed Libra.

But between then and 1:30 this afternoon
the Libra Moon semisquares Saturn in Scorpio.
This has people holding back
instead of talking things out.

At 4:20 this afternoon the Moon is
in close harmony with Mars in Scorpio,
so someone may actually step up and ‘tell it like it is.’
A little progress can be made on something.

At 4:45 Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo,
which can be quite outspoken, dramatically so.

    At 5 the Libra Moon moves in harmony with Jupiter in Leo.
This instills love of luxury
and it’s very friendly and gracious with people.

But at 10:45 tonight Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries.
This makes everybody cantankerous, petulant and touchy.
Compromise and cooperation are almost impossible.
People will refuse to concede anything,
no matter how logical or rational it might be.

And on this note … so ends the month of July,
one of the hottest
and most turbulent months of the year so far.