Sonia Broz
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Monday -- November 24, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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    The Moon enters cool and crisp Capricorn
at 9:30 this morning,
so Monday is all business and no nonsense.

The bossy Capricorn Moon wants everybody
to get down to work … and it will get its way.
It’ll do that less by bossing people around
and more by its powers of persuasive leadership.
The Moon parallels Mercury in Scorpio this morning
and then moves in close harmony
with the Sagittarius Sun this afternoon.

    At 3:30 this afternoon the Sagittarius Sun
parallels Pluto in Capricorn.
This has political overtones and undertones.
It exposes the divisions and problems of power politics.
These have more to do with the concerns of power mongers
than with the health and welfare of people and society.
With Pluto involved,
there’s a trace of political criminality and villainy.
This brings to mind the immortal words of Lord Bryce,
the brilliant British academician and politician
at the turn of the last century :
“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Monday evening, however, is pleasant.
The Capricorn Moon moves in harmony with Neptune in Pisces.
This is a compassionate and idealistic combination,
but it wants nothing to do with extremists of any ilk or kind.

It wants what’s best for people, not for awkward politicians.