Sonia Broz
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Wednesday -- October 22, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours

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Wednesday Edition

The morning is dominated by a tough T-Square.
The Libra Moon opposes Uranus in Aries
and the opposition is T-Squared by Pluto in Capricorn.
This puts a lot of people at odds with one another.

With Pluto involved, politics and partisanship
are definitely part of the disturbing picture.
The negative political ads that appear on television
are too sick and ugly to watch.
This shows how desperate politicians are
to grab and hold power.

Negative ads deflect attention from themselves
to their opponents.
Students of human psychology should note
that such political ads are negative projections
of the attackers own personalities and psyches.
Politics is down and dirty, dark and demonic.

Fortunately, the morning is saved
by an intelligent and smart afternoon.

The Libra Moon parallels, then conjuncts Mercury
and moves in harmony with high-minded Jupiter in Leo.
There’s no negativity here.

These combinations accentuate the positive.
So catch the wave of positive energy
and ride all the way in to the beach.
You’ll have a wonderful day.

Wednesday evening is under the influence
of the Libra Moon’s complicated minor aspect
with Neptune in Pisces.
It’s dreamy and out of focus ...
as one reviews the events of the day.

It brings up such questions as,
‘Did I do as well as I think I did?’
Or ‘Will I do as well tomorrow?’
These are essentially harmless idle thoughts.
Entertain them if you wish.

Or come up with a few positive thoughts
you can follow up on tomorrow.