Sonia Broz
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Thursday -- July 24, 2014
All times are Mountain Time -- GMT  - 7 hours


Venus trines Neptune in Pisces,
then the Cancer Moon
trines Neptune and conjuncts Venus,
giving us a fabulous morning.
This afternoon the Leo Sun conjuncts Jupiter,
one of the finest combinations in astrology.
So the afternoon is fabulous too!
Tonight Mercury in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries,
which unsettles minds and nervous systems.
Then Mercury trines Saturn in Scorpio, bringing stability,
but followed by the Moon’s opposition to Pluto in Capricorn,
which is unstable.
What a day!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aries … The morning is dreamy and sweet,
the afternoon is happy, lovely and lucky.
So you want to be where you want to be
and with those you love.
Along the way you’ll solve a few problems too.

Taurus … There’s peace of mind this morning
and several flashes of inspiration.
This afternoon family, home and real estate are featured.
If you’re into new beginnings,
this is the day to get started.

Gemini … There’s financial success possible this morning.
Money matters look good.
This afternoon it’s friends and neighbors.
Wherever you are it looks like party time. Have fun.

Cancer … The Moon’s in your stars
and it’s truly a personal power day.
It seems you can do no wrong.
Also, the afternoon is good for business.
You may also win a prize …
because you’re lucky too.

Leo … The Leo Sun conjuncts Jupiter in your stars.
It makes you active, ambitious and successful.
Wherever you are, you’ll bring a sense
of grandeur and good humor.
You’re an irresistible force.

Virgo … It’s a beautiful, friendly morning.
There are smiles on many faces.
The afternoon looks special.
It’s something you’ll feel from the inside out.
Let's just say ‘it’s a heart opening afternoon.’

Libra … Today’s influences are friendly and sociable,
even on the professional and working level.
Friends make you fortunate.
They could even be involved in helping a dream come true.

Scorpio … The Sun/Jupiter conjunction occurs
in your place of career, fame and honor,
so Thursday looks important.
You’ve got a high profile day here.
Dress your part and play your role.

Sagittarius … Education and travel are favored
under today’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction.
This is your day to meet people, connect up with old friends
and to make a few new ones.

Capricorn … Today’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction
has a healing effect in more than one way.
It can heal some of your financial dealings
and heal you physically.
So don’t be afraid of the Sun.
Bask in it.

Aquarius … The Sun/Jupiter conjunction lights up
the relationship area of your solar scope.
So bridge distances between yourself and others.
You’re going to meet important and influential people.

Pisces … This is a healthy time of year for you.
It’s also a work related period.
So it’s also the production time of your year.
You can achieve some of your best work of the year …
right now.